China Hot selling Qlsuzu Fvr Water Tanker Fire Trucks 300HP 6HK1-Tch Engine with Pto Sandwich Type Power Take off for Fire Pump Sprinkler 50L/S Cannon PS10/50W-D pto shaft dimensions

Product Description

QlSUZU FVR Water Tanker Fire Trucks 300HP 6HK1-TCH Engine With PTO Sandwich Type Power Take Off For Fire Pump Sprinkler 50L/s Cannon PS10/50W-D  

lSUZU F Series Fire Truck / Fire Engine With Stainless Steel Water Tank

Wholesale lSUZU FVR Water Tanker Fire Truck 

Brand New QLlSUZU FVR 8000L/8m³  4×2 Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck by Stainless steel


Vehicle Model:






Vehicle parameters

Overall Dimension (L x W x H)


Curb Weight:




Fire Extinguishing Agent load:


Specific Power:




Max Speed:


Drive Type:



Engine Model:



Engine Power:



Delivery Capacity:









Forward Gear:

6 Speed Gear


Backward Gear:

1 Speed Gear




Front/Rear Wheel Distance:


Front/Rear Suspension:

1335/1735 mm

Axle Loads:


Fuel Tank Capacity:


Axle Number:



XLX/700pXQ, sandwich type



7(including 1 spare tire)

Tire Model:

11.00R20 16PR



 Chassis Standard 



Power Steering


Central Lock




Retro-reflective Marking


Power Window




Radial Tire


Data Recorder


Free Maintenance Battery



Cab Structure:

Double row seat, 4 door opening, 6 seats, equipped with forward turning double ejector rod turning system;





 100W control system with sound reinforcement and alarm functions


Air conditioner and high quality car audio system


Front instrument panel with fire control switch


57 ” LCD screen reversing monitoring system


Fire communication/vehicle radio power pile head and fixed seat


The rear seat is provided with 4 air respirators and seat belts

Water Tank:




Stainless steel




     Tank Equipment:


External water filling hole:

Each side is equipped with a DN80 upside-down external water injection interface, which is equipped with an interface, a filter screen and a cover



Topped with a Φ 450 mm manhole covers which has the function of pressure relief that can fast lock and open.



1 pcs water level sensor, 1 pcs overflow pipe line, 1 pcs sewage outlet controlled by DN40 stainless steel ball valve



          Power Take-off


Sandwich type 1 shaft power take-off

Combination Mode:

Electronically controlled pneumatic control

Cooling Mode:

Forced water cooling system

Lubrication Mode:

Forced water cooling system

Output rotation

Same as engine rotation




           Fire Pump:




Pump axle is stainless steel, Pump housing and impeller is aluminum alloy

Assemble Type:


Sealing form

Mechanical seal


Main performance:

Situation 1: When pressure is 1.0MPa, flow is 60L/s, 

situation 2: when pressure is 2.0MPa, flow is 30L/s



       Priming Device:


Double piston pilot pump

Maximum Vacuum Degree:




Water diversion time


Vacuum drop value in 1 minute:

≤2.6 kPa






          Pipe System


Aluminum alloy casting parts, seamless pipes after anti-corrosion treatment

Connect form:


Pump suction:

DN150 rear water filing type, equipped with Tube tooth interface, an interface, a filter screen and a cover

Water tank to pump pipe:

DN150 controlled by Electrically controlled pneumatic butterfly valve


1 pcs DN80 and 1 pcs DN65 outlet on left and right sides, with outlet valve, joint and door cover.

Water tank filling pipe:

DN65 controlled by Electrically controlled pneumatic butterfly valve

Monitor injecting pipe:

DN100 controlled manual ball valve

Drain Residual Water Pipe:

Manual drain valve at the rear of the truck

Cooling water pipe:

PTO equipped with cooling pipe.




            Fire Monitor:


PS25-50 (adjustable)

Rated Flow:


Work pressure:


Shooting range:


Horizontal rotation angle:


Back leaning Angle:






 Alarms, Signals and

 Lighting Device:


LED red long row alarm light is installed on the top of the cab


2 pcs LED warning flashlights are respectively installed at the front, rear and upper sides of the carriage


A red circle alarm light and an external remote control cable retractor light are respectively installed at the rear of the roof


LED lighting equipped in pump room and storage compartment


External LED light strip equipped on the both sides of the reservoir


automatic charging device


According to the standard configuration of CZPT lights, front and rear clearance lamps and reflective signs on both sides of the rear of the truck




Tops and cab appearance:


Auxiliary girder, support, reinforcer


Fire pump inlet pipe and water tank to pump pipe:

G05 Dark Green

Fire pump water pump:







          Tops frame:




Main frame is stainless steel, inner frame is aluminum type material, skin, clapboard, bottom plate is flat aluminum plate, roof and pedal standing surface is pattern aluminum plate.


Main frame is frame weld, skin and clapboard is bonded by silica gel to frame. Inner frame is aluminum alloy profile construction


Aluminum alloy rod type curtain door(7pcs)




Top and upper side of body

The top is made of non-slip material, and the top is made of aluminum alloy on both sides. The inner side can be embedded with LED lighting belt, and the outer side can be embedded with LED alarm flash light. The upper part of the rolling door on both sides is provided with a drop sink made of aluminum alloy profiles, which can be embedded with LED light strips. Aluminum alloy ladder and handrail for upper and lower car roof are installed on the right side of rear.

Notes: Above specs is for reference, any other specs needed, or special requirements, can be discussed accordingly.


Vehicle model Chassis brand Chassis model Load Overall dimensions Wheel base Engine model hp/standard Tire FOB Price
      L mm mm       RMB USD
DRZ5050GXFSGE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1050NJ20D3 2500 6260X1900X2750 3300 CY4102-C3F 95/Euro 3 6.15-16 135800  
DRZ5060GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1060TJ20D3 5000 5980X1980X2380 3300 CY4102-C3F 95/Euro 3 7.00-16 101200  
DRZ5090GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 6000 6995X2285X2980 3800 CY4102-E3C 120/Euro 3 7.50R16 122300  
DRZ5090GXFSGE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 4000 7571X2095X2840 3800 CY4102-E3C 120/Euro 3 7.50R16 170400  
DRZ5100GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1100FKJ 7000 7350X2440X2990 3950 YC4E140-33 140/Euro 3 9.00-20 123300  
DRZ5108GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1108KJ 9000 7450X2480X3185 3950 B170 33 170/Euro 3 9.00-20 147400  
DRZ5108GXFSGE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1108KJ 5000 7490X2500X2280 3950 B170 33 170/Euro 3 9.00-20 192500  
DRZ5126GXFSGE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1126KJ1 6000 8315X2500X3300 4700 B190 33 190/Euro 3 9.00-20 249700  
DRZ5141GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1141KJ 11000 8105X2490X3250 4500 B190 33 190/Euro 3 10.00-20 159400  
DRZ5141GXFSGE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1141KJ 6000 8115X2500X3300 4500 B190 33 190/Euro 3 10.00-20 247700  
DRZ5253GSSXFE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ5253GFJ2 15000 9950X2480X3750 4350+1300 B210 33 210/Euro 3 10.00-20 212600  
DRZ5090GXFSGPME XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 2400 7571X2095X2840 3800 B140 33 140/Euro 3 7.50R16 197500  
DRZ5070GXFSGQ ISU.ZU QL1070A1KWY 3000 6820X2000X2820 3815 4KH1-TCG40 120/Euro 4 7.00-16 218100  
DRZ5160GXFSGQ ISU.ZU QL1160AMFRY 6000 8360X2485X3420 4500 6HK1-TCNG40 240/Euro 4 10.00-20 457300  
DRZ5250GXFSGQ ISU.ZU QL1250DRFZY 15000 9775X2490X3560 5100+1300 6HK1-TCSG40 280/Euro 4 11.00-20 621800  
DRZ50703GXFSGQ ISU.ZU QL10703HWRY 2500 6260X1980X2780 3360 4JB1CN 98/Euro 4 7.00-15 182000  
DRZ51609GXFSGQ ISU.ZU QL11609MFRY 6000 8070X2500X3370 4500 4HK1-TCG40 190/Euro 4 10.00-20 378000  
DRZ5167GXFSGZ SINOTRUK ZZ1167M4617C 8000 8820X2500X3450 4600 WD615.92 266/Euro 3 11.00-20 401600  
DRZ5257GSSXFZ SINOTRUK ZZ1257M4641W 20000 9895X2496X2958 4325+1350 WD615.92 266/Euro 2 12.00-20 295300  
DRZ5257GXFSGZ SINOTRUK ZZ1257N4347C 15000 9680X2500X3650 4325+1350 WD615.69 336/Euro 3 12.00-20 476800  
DRZ5257GXFSGZ1 SINOTRUK ZZ1257S4647C 16000 10265X2500X3580 4600+1350 WD615.96 375/Euro 3 12.00-20 473300  

  Name Specification and model No.   Unit price (CNY /RMB) Price (CNY /RMB)
  vehicle sxt5311jxfjp18 7 Vehicles 1165000 8155000
  vehicle zxf5320jxfjp32/st5 3 Vehicles 2180000 6540000
  vehicle xzj5421jxfjp62/s1 2 Vehicles 4700000 9400000
  vehicle zlf5511jxfjp72 3 Vehicles 7520000 22560000
  vehicle sym5330jxfjp38 2 Vehicles 4800000.00 9600000.00
  vehicle xzj5423jxfdg54/m1 4 Vehicles 4950000 19800000


Serial   Name Model   Displacement Discount FOB2571
1 Fire Engine SXT5311JXFJP18 9.726l 5% US$228,083
2 SXT5421JXFJP18 US$254,400
3 SXT5305JXFJP25 US$236,850
4 SXT5330JXFJP32 US$350,533
5 SXT5261JXFDG32 US$350,533
6 SXT5180GXFAP40 10.518l US$350,533
7 SXT5412GXFSG230 US$192,983
8 Fire Engine CSC5270GXFGP100/Z   5% US$164,667
9 CSC5151TXFJY80/Z US$148,333
10 CSC5080GXFSL20 US$61,333
11 6 Ton Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5181GXFSG60 7.146L 5% US$108,767
12 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5181GXFPM60 US$112,283
13 8t Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5190GXFSG80/HT5 6.87L US$114,033
14 8 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5190GXFPM80/HT5 US$117,550
15 12t Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5280GXFSG120/H5 9.726L US$149,117
16 12 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5280GXFPM120/H5 US$152,633
17 16t Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5320GXFSG160/H5 10.518L US$157,900
18 16 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5320GXFPM160/H5 US$163,150
19 20t Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5400GXFSG200/H5 US$166,667
20 20 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5400GXFPM200/H5 US$171,933
21 23 Ton Water Tank Fire Truck ZXF5420GXFSG230/H5 US$170,183
22 23 Ton Foam Fire Truck ZXF5420GXFPM230/H5 US$175,433
23 Compressed Air Foam Fire Truck ZXF5170GXFAP60/W5 7.79L US$224,567
24 Compressed Air Foam Fire Truck ZXF5180GXFAP60 6.87L US$294,733
25 Emergency Rescue Fire Truck ZXF5120TXFJY100/M5 6.871L US$347,367
26 Emergency Rescue Fire Truck ZXF5130TXFJY100/W5 7.79L US$178,950
27 Emergency Rescue Fire Truck ZXF5150TXFJY100/J5 7.146L US$164,917
28 11T Dry Powder Combined Fire Truck ZXF5290GXFGP110/H5 9.726L US$189,467
29 Chemical Decontamination Vehicle ZXF5140TXFXX20/H5 US$157,900
30 20t Liquid Supply Fire Truck ZXF5390GXFGY200/H5 10.518L US$184,217
31 Dry Powder Water Combined Fire Truck CLW5070GXFGL25 2545 5% US$100,000
  2672 US$0
33 Dry Powder Water Combined Fire Truck CLW5071GXFGL20 2545 US$108,333
  2672 US$0
35 Dry Powder Foam Combined With Fire Engines CLW5200GXFGP80/H 9726 US$158,333
36 Fire Engine BJ5073XXH-AD 2.5 5% US$32,050
37 Fire Engine XZJ5327JXFJP20/C2 9.726L 5% US$250,000
38 XZJ5321JXFJP25/C2 US$300,000
39 XZJ5334JXFJP32/C4 US$350,000
40 2T Water Tank Fire Truck BX5060GXFSG20/DF5 2953ml 5% US$63,000
41 2 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5060GXFPM20/DF5 US$64,750
42 2T Water Tank Fire Truck BX5060GXFSG20/W5 2999ml US$70,000
43 2 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5060GXFPM20/W5 US$71,750
44 3T Water Tank Fire Truck BX5100GXFSG30/W5 5193ml US$92,750
45 3 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5100GXFPM30/W5 US$94,500
46 6 Ton Water Tank Fire Truck BX5160GXFSG60/W5 6700ml US$148,750
47 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5160GXFPM60/W5 US$150,500
48 6 Ton Water Tank Fire Truck BX5150GXFSG60/D5 US$122,500
49 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5150GXFPM60/D5 US$124,250
50 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5190GXFPM60/HW5 9726ml US$143,500
51 8t Water Tank Fire Truck BX5200GXFSG80/HW5 US$120,750
52 8 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5200GXFPM80/HW5 US$122,500
53 8t Water Tank Fire Truck SG80/SK5 6870ml US$166,250
54 8 Ton Foam Fire Truck PM80/SK5 US$168,000
55 8t Water Tank Fire Truck (Imported Pump Monitor) BX5190GXFSG80/SK5 US$187,250
56 8 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5190GXFPM80/SK5 US$196,000
57 12t Water Tank Fire Truck BX5270GXFSG120/HW5 9726ml US$141,750
58 12 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5270GXFPM120/HW5 US$143,500
59 12t Water Tank Fire Truck (Imported Pump Monitor) BX5280GXFSG120/SK5 1571ml US$273,000
60 12 Ton Foam Fire Truck (Imported Pump Gun) BX5280GXFPM120/SK5 US$287,000
61 16t Water Tank Fire Truck BX5330GXFSG160/HW5 9726ml US$145,250
62 16 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5330GXFPM160/HW5 US$147,000
63 18 Ton Water Tank Fire Truck BX5390GXFSG180/SK5 12419ml US$290,500
64 18 Ton Foam Fire Truck BX5390GXFPM180/SK5 US$297,500
65 23 Water Tank Fire Truck BX5410GXFSG230/HW5 9726ml US$154,000
66 23 Foam Fire Truck BX5410GXFPM230/HW5 US$159,250
67 3T Dry Powder Fire Truck BX5140GXFGF30/D5 6700ml US$113,750
68 4T Dry Powder Fire Truck BX5180GXFGF40/HW5 9726ml US$138,250
69 6 Ton Dry Powder Fire Truck BX5240GXFGF60/HW5 US$148,750
70 BX5230GXFGF60/M5 12419ml US$341,250
71 Dry Powder Water Combined Fire Truck BX5270GXFGL100/HW5 9726ml US$154,000
72 Dry Powder Foam Combined Fire Truck BX5270GXFGP100/HW5 US$154,000
73 City Main Battle Compressed Air Foam Fire Truck BX5190GXFAP50/HW5 1571ml US$302,750
74 Gas Supply Fire Truck BX5140TXFGQ80/W5 7790ml US$253,750
75 Reconnaissance Fire Vehicle BX5040TXFKC20/Y5 2998ml US$85,750
76 Equipment Fire Truck BX5140TXFQC200/W5 7790ml US$145,250
77 Decontamination Fire Truck BX5140TXFXX30/D5 6700ml US$140,000
78 Emergency Rescue Fire Truck BX5140TXFJY119/D5 6.7L US$134,750
79 BX5130TXFJY162/M5 6871ml US$315,000
80 BX5140TXFJY162/W5 7790ml US$166,250
81 Water Mist Fire Truck BX5030GXFPW01/CDW5 2237ml US$84,000



After-sales Service: 24hours
Warranty: 24months
Type: Pumper
Certification: ISO9000, CCC
Volume: Customizing
Emission Standard: Euro 5 -6
US$ 25800/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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FVR Water fire truck


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Shaft Collar

The Different Parts of a PTO Shaft

Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts are an integral part of a tractor’s driveline. Without them, a tractor cannot operate. It is essential to understand the different parts of a PTO shaft, as they are crucial for the operation of your tractor. These parts are typically overlooked during routine tractor maintenance checks, but knowing more about them will help you practice on farm machinery better.

Tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft

A Tractor’s power take-off (or PTO) shaft transfers power from the tractor to an implement. These shafts typically rotate at speeds between 540 and 1000 rpm. A number of safety features help prevent accidental contact between the shaft and the implement.
In order to avoid this problem, tractor operators should be vigilant while operating their tractors. They should make sure that the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft is shielded. These shields include a master shield for the PTO stub, a PTO integral journal shield, and an implement input connection shield. The PTO master shield is mounted on the tractor and extends over the PTO stub on three sides. It is designed to prevent collisions between the tractor and any connected machine drive shaft.
A power take-off (PTO) shaft is an important component on any tractor. It is a shaft that transmits mechanical power from a tractor to an implement or separate machine. Early PTOs used a transmission and were located at the rear of the tractor. They are now available with hydraulic or mechanical drivelines. These power take-offs transfer the tractor’s power to a secondary piece of equipment through a driveshaft.
Proper PTO shaft guards protect people from stepping on rotating shafts. The PTO should not compress fully at any point in the operating range. It should have several inches of overlap at the maximum operating extension. A PTO guard should be positioned properly for each machine.
Despite these benefits, there are still many risks associated with PTO shafts. These powerful and potentially dangerous pieces of machinery can cause severe injury if not used safely. Luckily, proper installation of safety shields can reduce the risk of injury.


PTO shafts come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common types are square and round, but there are also star-shaped and trilobed types. While the star-shaped type is a typical North American design, the trilobed and lemon-shaped varieties are typically German or Italian. Typically, the lemon-shaped ones are made of an alloy called ‘Lemon Yellow.’ In some cases, the shaft will come with snap rings.
Different manufacturers use various materials for their PTO shafts. The tube of a welded drive shaft must be strong enough to handle the force exerted by the PTO. There are many different materials available, but some are stronger than others. Before choosing the type of drive shaft that is right for your machine, make sure that you know the exact measurements of your driveline.
When deciding between different types of PTO shafts, you must also consider the materials that will be used for your particular application. While splines are the most common material for PTO shafts, you can find various types that have different uses. Carbon steel is malleable and has a low carbon content, which makes it more reliable. A ferrous steel is more durable and contains metals like nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which make it a great alternative to carbon steel.
A PTO gearbox input shaft extends between the PTO gearbox and the PTO clutch. It is mounted with a toothed wheel 8. An inductive sensor 9 on the shaft outputs a pulsed electronic signal based on the rotational speed of the shaft. These pulsed signals are called inductive speed sensors.

Rotation direction

The PTO shaft is a critical part of the power take-off of a farm tractor. It allows the tractor to transfer power from the engine to an implement such as a mower or other garden equipment. The rotation direction of the PTO shaft depends on the type of implement. Some implements only accept rotation in one direction, while others require rotation in both directions.

Safety chain

Shaft CollarOne of the best ways to protect your PTO shaft is to use a safety chain. A safety chain is a chain that is attached to the PTO shaft, and it prevents the plastic shield from spinning on the shaft. This chain should be fastened to a suitable point on your machine or tractor. It should not be attached to the lower lift arms or the U-guard.
PTO shafts can be very dangerous if they are not guarded. They can rotate as high as 1000 rpm and could seriously injure you. It is also important to ensure that the PTO shaft guard is fitted correctly, and that the tractor is turned off before working on it. In addition, avoiding wearing loose clothing when working around a PTO shaft can help protect your life.
Another way to protect the PTO shaft is to shield the IID shaft. This can be done by using shielding over the straight part of the shaft, the PTO connection, or the Implement Input Connection. A protruding bolt or pin can catch clothing and snag it. If not shielded, the clothing can wrap around the shaft, trapping the person against it.
A good safety chain should be positioned between the tractor and the PTO shaft. The chain should be at least 50 mm wider than the PTO shaft, and should be in good condition. It should cover the entire length of the PTO shaft from the tractor to the first bearing. The PTO shaft must also be fitted with the correct bearing ring. It is also vital to ensure that the PTO guard does not bend or break, as this could result in damage to the PTO shaft.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft shield protects the PTO shaft from possible impacts. It is typically made of plastic, but can also be made of metal. These shields are easy to damage, and are therefore preferably made of a durable material. The shields are held in place with brackets. The shields are made with two parts: an inner shield and a protective sleeve.
An improvement to the PTO shaft shield is a bracket that supports both the outer and PTO shaft. It is shown in conjunction with a towed machine in FIGS. 2 and 7. FIG. 7 is a side elevation of the bracket mounted to the tongue of the machine. This shield is designed to prevent the PTO shaft from becoming damaged during the towed process.
The main risk associated with PTO mishaps is entanglement, which can result in serious injuries. If a shaft separates from a tractor, it can strike nearby workers or people. Proper maintenance can minimize the risk of entanglement and save lives. Thankfully, equipment manufacturers have made huge strides in reducing the risk of these accidents. Operators should always make sure that the PTO shaft shield is in place to avoid the risk of entanglement.
In addition to preventing entanglement, a PTO shaft shield also helps protect the universal joints that are mounted on the PTO shaft. The shield is made of plastic or steel. It is typically shaped like an inverted U and covers both the top and sides of the shaft. A detachable PTO shaft shield is also available.
As with all parts of a PTO driveline, the PTO shaft shield should be maintained to prevent damage to the bearings. It is necessary to inspect the shield and replace it whenever it becomes damaged. PTO equipment is often used outdoors, and it is frequently exposed to crop debris, rust, and dirt that can affect the bearings. Proper maintenance will extend the equipment’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.
China Hot selling Qlsuzu Fvr Water Tanker Fire Trucks 300HP 6HK1-Tch Engine with Pto Sandwich Type Power Take off for Fire Pump Sprinkler 50L/S Cannon PS10/50W-D   pto shaft dimensionsChina Hot selling Qlsuzu Fvr Water Tanker Fire Trucks 300HP 6HK1-Tch Engine with Pto Sandwich Type Power Take off for Fire Pump Sprinkler 50L/S Cannon PS10/50W-D   pto shaft dimensions
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